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**** Full Features List & System Requirements ****


The Employee Checkin Features

  • A quick and easy way for employees to check in to their work place.

  • One screen array of all employee names and their status for one-screen, easy review.

  • Central control center (Master Log) to administer the program.

  • Individual client or workstation monitoring of the central display (Master Log).

  • Automated daily backup of employee check-in and check-out times.

  • Daily, automated, full database backup.

  • Optional time tracking on an individual employee basis.

  • Time in attendance reports by date ranges for all time-tracked employees or selected individual employees.

  • Extensive online help provided for the administrator at the Master Log.

  • Modest online help available for workstations.

  • Employees simply check in or check out with the click of a mouse at the Master Log.

  • Employees with workstation access may check in or check out at their workstations.

  • Employees may post messages for other employees at their workstations.

  • At the Master Log a single level undo is provided for last-click errors.

  • The administrator can change or add a check in or out time manually by double clicking on the employee time at the Master Log.

  • System time tampering is a remote possibility. However a unique SysTimeGuard discourages such system time tampering.


Requirements and Recommendations

A centralized server (Master Log), mouse, and monitor for all employee checking in and out.

  • System hardware requirements for Master Log (server): PC 486 or later computer, preferrably 17" or larger monitor set at 1152 x 856, two mouses, one for employees, one for administrator, and keyboard for administrator.

  • No keyboard is required for employees at the central Master Log. One shared monitor is adequate if easily accessed by employees and administrator. If not, two server monitors are recommended.

  • Windows 95 or later (Win 98, Win 2000, XP, Win NT)

  • The Master Log can operate as a stand-alone program.

  • All client computers (individual and group workstations) must be networked to the server (Master Log).

  • Employee Checkin must run 24-7 to automate date change at midnight.. It must run continuously. If the program is not running at midnight, when the time of day restarts (goes from 2359 to 0000), the daily check in/out table will not be backed up and the Master Log will not be refreshed for the start of a new day. A manual workaround is available but not nearly as convenient as the automated date change.


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