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Prepare now for the tax season.


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    ** GET PREPARED TODAY for next year's income tax season!
    ** AVOID last minute hunts for receipts!
    ** FORGET the adding machine and adding things up at the 11th hour!
    ** MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER and less stressful!

Tax Organizer/Expense Summary is a PC computer application that stores tax-related expenses for easy retrieval and summary report at tax time. Tax Organizer/Expense Summary is particularly useful for:
  • Small businesses keeping track of important tax deductions
  • Families that itemize and want to avoid last minute hassles

This program is ideal for the individual entrepreneur, small Ma and Pa operation, or family business!

USE YEAR TO YEAR. You will not be required to update every year. Use from one year to the next without additional charges.
As expenses change, you can change your expense types. You are in charge every year without extra expense.

Tax Organizer now supports up to 4 different accounts! Select existing account, change account name, or create new account when starting Tax Organizer.

At tax time, run the easy-to-use report form and get comprehensive reports on screen that can be printed in an easily understood format. Reduce hours of hunting down receipts, stacking receipts, adding and re-adding their totals. Tax Organizer shows running subtotals within each expense type.

Income tax reporting will never be more simple and quick. You don't do your own taxes? Your tax preparer will love you when you bring in the Tax Organizer report.


Tax Organizer is divided into these categories:

  • Personal/Family
  • Medical
  • Charity/Other Expenses
  • Business Expenses
  • Utilities
  • Business Mileage

Each category of expense is customized by you with as many or as few expense types as you may need.

  See the Forms of Tax Organizer/Expense Summary.

Each category is divided into several to many expense types. Business expenses include among others: Advertising, Business Loss, Loan Interest, Cleaning Services, Office Supplies, Equipment....

Within each category, expense types can be added, deleted, or changed according to the user's needs.


See Warranty. Prompt, Free E-Mail Support.


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