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Thousands of Number Possibilities!


Create 10-digit telephone numbers that spell almost anything.

    • Want that special number that spells the name of your business?

    • Want to know what your current number might spell?

    • Want to give customers and friends an easy way to remember your phone number?

Ten-digit number generator will do it for you!

The Number Generator 10:

        • Creates a NUMBER from letters you enter immediately.
        • Creates LETTERS from numbers you enter almost immediately and stores them in a LETTERS.txt file for review at your leisure.

This is a fully functional, self-contained computer application that runs on Windows 98/2000/NT/XP.

After the letters are created, they are stored in LETTERS.txt. Open the file, and you can find the translation that promotes your private or business number. A fun way to promote yourself and/or your business.

Numbers Generator 10 will generate letter combinations for 2 numbers or up to 10 letter combinations based on up to 10 digits, 2 through 9.


  The Numbers Generator 10 User Interface

A complete help file is included.

See Warranty. Prompt, Free E-Mail Support.

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