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Many people have irreplaceable items. They can not be replaced. And if they could be replaced replacement would be prohibitively expensive. In spite of all reasonable efforts to protect those items, uncontrolled and unanticipated events take place. Your home is burglarized. Your home is subject to a natural disaster – lightning, high winds, flood. Many or any of these acts of God can occur.

Most people have home or renters insurance. While these precautions can lessen the pain of losing precious belongings, they rarely replace those belongings – especially the family heirlooms. Compensaton helps but does not replace. Furthermore, providing the required evidence of having lost such precious items may be a problem.

Home & Business Inventory solves the problem of providing evidence. Using Home & Business Inventory as your documentation tool assures your ability to identify verbally and visually your treasured belongings. You may possibly retrieve a stolen or lost item. There are national tracking systems in place that check serial numbers. If you item is in the database, you get notified if the item is found.

Here is how it works. You install and run Home & Business Inventory and immediately begin the process of creating a verbal/visual record of your belongings. Store the database, Inventory.mdb, on a floppy disk, a CD or other storage medium and give the disk to a family member or trusted friend for safe keeping at a location other than your home. Or you may choose to store your record at your office, place of business, or place your record in a safety deposit box or other off-site location.

Even if your special belongings are never threatened, you have the peace of mind knowing that some record of those belongings exists, that they might even be recovered if stolen or lost.



The main form of Home & Business Inventory

All editing of Home & Business Inventory is accomplished on one form, the main Home & Business Inventory form shown directly above.

All or most of your questions are answered by the Inventory help file.


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