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Flash Card Maker and Player, Do-it-Yourself, Make Your Own


A PC computer application that lets you design and play your own flash cards - created by you.
Using FlashCards and your computer, you can make flash cards that are stored on your computer and played on your computer. FlashCards is not a graphics program. It does not format cards to be printed. The cards are created on the computer and played on the computer.

This is an ideal utility for teachers, parents, and grandparents. It is ideal for the serious student that has tons of terms (any subject) to memorize or a foreign language vocabulary to master. For youngsters and adults. User sets choices from 2 to 10. More choices make answers more difficult to guess. It's easier to make a good guess choosing from 2 answer/choices than from 10 answer/choices. Subject matter also affects difficulty.

FlashCard is a Windows application. It requires no more than Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP. It is a self-standing application that allows you to create up to 50 flash card sets. Each set is unlimited in the number of pairs that can be created. Limited only by your personal computer storage space limits. With the Flash Card Maker and Player you can customize it to your needs or the needs of your student or child.

Full step-by-step instructions for creating new flash cards are given. Most users will find the creating of new flash card sets easy and fun. Even the process of creating the flash cards is a learning process.

Here are some FlashCards topic ideas:

  • Medical Terms and Definitions

  • Fruits and Colors

  • Basic Arithmetic or Advance Math

  • Formulas - Chemistry, Statistics, Trigonometry, etc.

  • Life science terms for Biology, Botany, Genetics

  • Conversion Equivalents: Metric Measures to English or American Standard

  • Idioms/Slang/Informal Sayings and Meanings -Ya catch my drift?

  • Movies and Stars

  • Legal Terms and Definitions

  • Foods in Your Diet and Calories and/or Saturated Fat

  • States and Capitals (beginning FlashCards set of states and capitals ships with FlashCards.)

  • Frequently Misspelled Words

  • Baby Animals

  • Foreign Language Words and English Translation

  • Associations with flowers, slogans, color combinations, on and on...


Topics are limited only by your imagination!

The main form of FlashCards with Your Score panel is shown below:

A complete help file is included.

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