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Now you can HIDE
your private user names/IDs and passwords
and find them easily.

    • CREDIT CARD Numbers: Full Names and Expiration Dates

    • SOFTWARE: registration numbers, licenses, serial numbers, product IDs, CD keys

    • WEBSITES: User Names and Passwords

    • BANKS, ORGANIZATIONS, INVESTMENTS: Customer Numbers, Account Numbers, Passwords, PINs

    • PRODUCTS: Serial Numbers, Model Numbers, Dates of Purchase, Warrantee Dates

    • VEHICLES: Vehicle Indentification Numbers (VIN), License Numbers, Access Numbers, Titles

    • HOME: Security Access Numbers

    • TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Queque Numbers, Technician Names

This program is QUICK and CONVENIENT. Use it at home and at work.

ExpressPass is a PC computer application that runs on Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP.

No more lost numbers!

This is NOT a subscription service. It is a self-standing application that can be used for many years to come.

Most important, this program offers a unique security system that makes you name the data file that stores all your numbers and private data. Also, you decide where and how deeply the file is stored:

  • On your hard drive. Bury it as deeply as you wish with directory names of your choice.

  • On a floppy.

  • Other removeable media such as a USB fob.

You decide its name and where it is stored.

A complete help file is included.
The help file gives complete instructions and step-by-step
procedures to hide and retrieve.

Prompt, Free E-Mail Support.

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