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Concrete, the Concrete Calculator


Concrete is a PC computer calculator that runs on Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP. Concrete calculates how much concrete you will need for that next job - Ready Mix, PreMix, and Mix-Your-Own

        • Ready mix concrete for large jobs.
        • Dry mix concrete for small jobs
        • Mix-Your-Own for small jobs.


      Complex and simple shapes can be entered into the five forms provided by Concrete:

Ready Mix Calculator for rectangular slabs, the main form.

1. Ready Mix Calculator for round/circular slabs, integrates with main form.

2. Calculate many other geometric shapes - octagons, pentagons, hexagons, trapezoids.

3. Dry Mix Calculator for rectangular and circular shapes, using premix bags or mix-your-own formulas of concrete, sand, and aggregate.

4. The rectangular and rounds forms integrate with the main form so that you can subtract or add shapes to the overall estimate.

You can also have Concrete calculate the length of your footing and the amount of concrete needed for the footing.

This program is FAST, ACCURATE, EASY TO USE, and extremely VERSATILE.

Also available in metric measure. Please write if interested.

Great gift for the professional or the handiman in you life!


The forms of Concrete:

The Main Form; The Round Form; The Dry Mix Form; The Stairs Forms; The Geometric Shapes Form

Concrete can also be used to estimate gravel, sand, or other land coverings!

An extensive help file is included.
The help file gives examples and shows procedures to follow.

Click here for more details about Concrete.

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