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Know what that loan is costing you now or will cost you in the future.

Know how much that second mortgage holding is worth in the long run.

Amort is a self-standing Windows application requiring no more than Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP.

List up to 4 payment schedules using the adjusted calculation...

or show one fixed payment schedule using the 'Show Fixed Payment' calculation.

See adjusted payment schedule example...
fixed payment schedule example.

Amort Main Form
Amort Main Screen


Amort answers these questions quickly:

  • What monthly payment can I afford?
  • If we borrow $100,000 for 30 years at 6% interest, how much interest will I pay.
  • Should I finance for 15 years or 30 years? How can I save the most?
  • How much will I owe in 5 years?
  • How much will I owe in June 2015?
  • I can afford $800 a month, how much can I borrow for 10 years?
  • The car we want costs $23,000. At 3% interest for 5 years, what will my payments be?
  • Do I really want to charge that item? What will it really cost?
  • If I borrow $2,000 from my sister and pay back $200 a month, how long will it take to pay it back in full at 2% interest?
  • Is it true that our new home will really cost as much in interest as we paid for the house?

See the Forms of Amort, the Loan/Mortgage Calculator.

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