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Download GWClock
a FREE Computer Novelty Time Piece Ver 5.0

Seventeen clocks are now included in GWClock! Enjoy! One clock, Scalable Time-Date, is especially useful to vision-impaired people.

By default this application file, gwclock.exe, will be downloaded to your download folder. It is a self-extracting zip file.

Copy gwclock.exe to a unique directory, e.g. GWClock, and run (double-click) gwclock.exe to extract all files. When all files have been extracted, run the setup.exe in your GWClock folder by clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel, and select Add/Remove Programs.

You may also access setup.exe from Windows Explorer to install GWClock.

Click to download GWClock (48 Mb). Allow several minutes or more for download to be completed.

Files ending with an ".exe" extension have been known to carry or to be viruses. Please be assured that this program is free of all viruses and will not harm your computer. See awards listed at the bottom of the home page.

Unfortunately, GWClock is not fully compatible with Windows 7. Running GWClock in Windows 7 will work but a few display anomalies will appear.

All sizes and styles of GWClock shown above are part of this novelty clock program.

This is a FREE DOWNLOAD. However, all rights are reserved by its author, George Wheeler.

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